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VectorFlex CSST cannot be buried directly in the ground or directly embedded in concrete (e.g. slab on grade construction, patio slabs, foundations and walkways). When it is necessary to bury or embed the CSST, it shall be routed inside a nonmetallic, watertight conduit that has an inside diameter at least 1/2 inch larger than the O.D. of the tubing. The conduit shall be sealed at any exposed end to prevent water from entering.

Easyflex® does not require the sleeve to be vented to the outside of the structure. If, however, venting is still required, a tee can be placed in the sleeve where an open end is accessible to the open air, outdoors. Other possible venting routes, such as the attic and roof, may also be considered but must be reviewed with the local administrative authority, and must present the entry of water and foreign objects. For ends of the CSST exiting the plastic sleeve, a termination fitting, threaded into an end “plug”, can be used to provide a stable platform for attachment.

CSST Routed Through Non-Metallic
Watertight Sleeve with Venting

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