The All-In-One, VectorFlex™ and VectorFlex-Z™ Flexible CSST Gas Piping Systems

VectorFlex and VectorFlex-Z are flexible CSST that were engineered and manufactured to address the problems associated with rigid pipe applications. Because of the flexible nature of both VectorFlex and VectorFlex-Z, both can be used in locations where traditional rigid pipes can’t. Within the confines of a gas pipe system, VectorFlex and VectorFlex-Z can bend around obstacles and snake through walls and crawl spaces without the use of joints or elbows. This can be done as a single continuous run of tubing allowing a parallel installation from a central distribution manifold versus a series layout commonly associated with rigid pipe systems.

To round out the overall gas piping system, VectorFlex and VectorFlex-Z are connected with specifically designed, ready-to-install US Patented, Easyflex® QuickFlare™ mechanical fittings. These self-flaring fittings have standard NPT threads and can be used with accessories, such as valves, regulators, and manifolds. In addition, QuickFlare fittings can be removed and reused on different sections of the pipe.

304 flexible stainless steel
Annealed for flexibility and purity
Flame-retardant protective coating
Works with QuickFlare fittings
Lightweight and easy to transport
Conductive jacket protects from lightning
No additional bonding required


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